White Papers

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White Paper: Quality Index

Read how the Quality Index (QI) effectively measures the level of quality in a specific SW development activity such as a release or project, as well as a specific product development artifact like a product module or component. The Quality Index can be used during delivery but is also an effective tool for baselining and forecasting quality levels.

White Paper: Defect State Transitions

Read how analysis of the defect management process will enable you to identify the weak links in the life cycle and apply change that will lead to improvement. Ultimately there will be a decrease in defects, better product and process quality and quicker time to market of software releases.

White Paper: Micro Focus ALM Standardization

Read how you can make the complex, slow and error prone task of standardizing Micro Focus ALM projects easy and quick to do! Assure Standardization Suite is proven in standardizing thousands of Micro Focus ALM projects in dozens of companies. The standardization initiative will also give you a possibility look deeper into your software development & testing process and paves the way for organization -wide reporting and analytics.

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