TotalView Standardization


  • Convert all your existing Micro Focus ALM projects to Templates easily and quickly
  • TotalView Standardization is designed to achieve easy and fast standardization of data across your projects
  • It is the leading solution in the market for standardization of Micro Focus ALM and has been used to successfully standardize thousands of projects by our customers
  • ALM Standardization enables enterprise cross-project reporting, asset sharing between projects, central and cost effective maintenance and customization and mobility of test resources across projects
  • Any organization using Micro Focus ALM should consider standardization

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  • Intuitive, self-guided mapping process
  • Ability to safely delegate mapping tasks to a larger group
  • Clear process documentation
  • Full documentation of the changes done to your projects
  • Conversion of project fields from all entities including their data, links, permissions, history, favorites and graphs to the Project Template structure

Standardization Challenges

Manually standardizing Micro Focus ALM projects is a complex, slow and error prone task that is hard to complete successfully. Assure Standardization Suite is a software designed to make ALM standardization easy – all you need to do is map the fields and values and our SW will do the rest!


  • Achieve a fully standardized Micro Focus ALM environment in record time
  • Mitigate risk by using proven technology
  • Minimal downtime and no data loss

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