TotalView Insights for Agile

Cross-project analytics solution for Atlassian JIRA


Through a holistic view over your development initiatives, TotalView Insights for Agile provides a way to make decisions based on facts. Accessible via one web address for all JIRA installations and projects management and progress reports, Insights for Agile significantly reduces the effort and money spent on reporting and status meetings.

Whether you are a program manager seeking to get an overview of your complete project portfolio or a Scrum master looking to drill down from high level to individual issues to find bottlenecks and release blockers, Insights for Agile is a complete analytics platform for your needs.

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  • Complete set of Agile metrics
  • Dashboards for Program management, Project management and Scrum teams
  • Enables drill-down from project portfolio level to single issues
  • Powerful collaboration capabilities
  • Secure access management
  • Extends easily into your organization for enterprise reporting

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