Assure signed a global reselling agreement with Accenture. The agreement enables them to provide both software sales, training and services to end-customers.

Management Console combines intuitive administration tools with key reports and metrics that help you make critical decisions and optimize your HPE ALM environment. By streamlining administrative tasks and safely delegating key tasks to users, Assure Management Console dramatically lowers the TCO of HPE ALM administration.

HPE Discover @ London November 2016 TotalView: Support for multiple HPE ALM Instances TotalView: Improved out-of-the-box dashboards Webinar: HPE ALM Complete Standardization

Several of Assure’s key customers require a consolidated view of their QA metrics across multiple business lines and organizations. These customers often have multiple ALM instances as a result of org changes and M&A. TotalView now seemlessly brings all the information to a single datamart providing insights across the whole organization.

Support for ALM 12.5.3 For ALM 12.x – new icon displayed for Restore action TrashBin version number displayed in the remove confirmation dialog Bug fixes In HPE ALM & QC, deleted items are lost forever. The only way to get an item back after deletion is to restore the project from the latest database backup. This takes time, causes loss of data and could cause delays in your release schedule. Assure TrashBin protects your Test Assets. Instead of being permanently deleted from the ALM database, items are moved to a special ‘TrashBin’ folder. Items in the TrashBin are easily recognizable can be restored and traced back – a time stamp and a user name will be added to the item’s name.

Assure’s technology is now part of Accenture’s innovation center in Tampa, Florida. Assure’s solutions bring analytics, ingishts and data standardization capabilities. Accenture’s innovation center is a non-production environment used for: Use-case and product demonstrations Proofs of concepts / technology Reusable assets development Dev & test (validation) platform Architecture & delivery solution development Training & enablement

Assure will be hosting round-table sessions and exhibiting at the ‘TEST Focus Groups’ one-day event on 22nd March 2016 at the Park Inn, London.  Assures topic for discussion is “Using Analytics to Improve Testing and Application Delivery” Testing organizations increasingly use intelligent analytics and dashboards to empower managers and decision makers.

“In a world where IT leaders around the globe are looking for ways to accelerate IT to meet the needs of their customers, Assure will play a concrete and influential role. I’m excited to have this opportunity to launch Assure into the revolution of Continuous Testing, Agile Development and DevOps and it is my primary objective to establish Assure as a global leader in providing customers with the ability to intelligently use their data to predict business outcomes, improve competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction”

Convert your existing HP Quality Center Projects to the structure of your HP ALM Project Templates “Project Harmonization” is the process of mapping and converting the structure of existing HP Quality Center Projects to be compatible with a pre-defined HP ALM & QC Project Template. Assure offers a complete standardization solution by combining Assure Project Harmonizer and Assure data Standardizer. HP ALM user organizations often report on multiple ALM projects and expect to be able to compare and combine results across projects. Often, it quickly becomes evident that data structure and data across projects are not consistant.

Conference: TEST Focus Groups – UK March 2016 Conference: StarEast Orlando, FL May 2016 Webinar: April 27th The Analytics of Defect Life Cycle White paper: Application Delivery Analytics Platform – CEF “I measure therefore I am” – a message from Assure’s CEO

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