Case Studies – Standardize and Visualize Data


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World’s second largest telecom company

The client was looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. They lacked the trend data to predict future outcomes in IT projects and management wanted to have visibility of spend and issues across the global organization. The client struggled to visualize data across their IT projects due to fragmented data standards and a lack of common reporting.

Using TotalView Standardization practices all Micro Focus ALM projects were aligned to provide consistent data structure. Now having reliable data, TotalView Insights was implemented to provide live dashboards across all IT projects. The client was able to visualize data in a centralized and consistent way using near real-time dashboards providing management with increased insights as well as realizing project savings.



Major US Healthcare Provider

Due to a lack of visibility and transparency in IT projects, management were challenged with fragmented testing data and inconsistent approaches to reporting. They were unable to get a common point of view across their organization.

Utilizing TotalView Standardization they aligned all IT projects to a standard testing methodology and data structure. TotalView Insights was then implemented with customized dashboards to provide specific metrics, reporting and live data to multiple levels of stakeholders. Standard KPIs were implemented to manage a complex matrix of Applications, Programs and Projects.

Financial Services


Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Challenged by inaccurate manual reporting, the organization was struggling to provide accurate information for decision making. The organization lacked the insights to control their project spend and manage programs effectively from the top down.

They selected TotalView Insights to standardize reports and to visualize their data and KPIs. The outcome was increased transparency, credibility and relationship through metrics across the organization. They further enhanced their dashboards to view projects and reports by the organization divisions, programs and by portfolios to have greater control and visibility.



Worlds Largest Bank

Unable to provide coherent QA metrics to management across all operations and following an internal audit, the bank was faced with a challenge to address their IT project reporting. They had over 1,500 Micro Focus ALM projects that were inconsistent and prevented them from visualizing data and reporting consistently.

Due to the audit they chose Assure software to create an analytics platform, helping to transform QA and Application Delivery. They used TotalView Standardization to align all Micro Focus ALM Projects, while creating a construct called ‘virtual templates’ to support diverse business needs with an underlying consistent data structure. They then continued to visualize data in TotalView Insights, rolling-out dashboards measuring project performance using metrics and KPIs. The dashboards were designed for various organizational roles to meet differing management needs.

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