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Webinar: TotalView Standardization Suite
Learn how to migrate to ALM templates faster than ever before.

Our TotalView Standardization suite helps migrate existing project structures and data to templates:

  • In record time
  • With minimal risk
  • No loss of data
  • Simple – do it yourself

New features will save you a lot of time – including automated mapping effort analysis and auto-map engine.


Webinar: Introducing TotalView Insights for Testing
Building on years of implementing analytics for HPE ALM customers we have gathered the most sought after metrics and dashboards from the field and are very proud to introduce TotalView Insights for Testing:

  • Provide metrics for management, operations, and delivery
  • Rapidly deployed out-of-the-box solution
  • Immediate cross-project analytics
  • Simple mapping of ALM Projects to business lines
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Extensible to provide any customizations

Customer Story: Benefiting from Enterprise Views of Release Readiness
The webinar demonstrates you:
how TIAA-CREF used BI for QA to enable the transformation from a ‘Mom & Pop Shop’ to a ‘Fortune 100 Company’
multiple TotalView dashboards for QA, which are also available for you
predictive QA analysis
5 Key Benefits from Enterprise Views of Quality Assurance
QA Metrics that Matter
In February 2014, Assure conducted a survey among Quality Assurance decision makers, about their challenges in 2014. In this Webinar, you’ll hear what their main challenges are, and how they plan to use Metrics to solve these challenges.
HPE ALM Complete Standardization
This webinar provides an overview of the complete standardization process that is enabled by the Assure Standardization Suite: Assure Project Harmonizer and Assure Data Standardizer.
Customer Story: HPE ALM Project Topologies
Big projects, small projects, what are the pros and cons?

The session was co-hosted by our guest speaker is Mr. Olivier Jacques, Senior ALM Architect at HP IT.